“In the garbage, I see beauty. In beautiful things, I see the garbage. One cannot exist without the other.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

The vision for Brand New Trash started in a basement in northern Indiana, where in the late 90′s, brothers Vince and Jimmy Dewald formed the highly experimental rock band, Zu Zu’s Petals. After a few years in the Indiana scene Vince and Jimmy left town. They landed in San Francisco and in 2006 started the critically acclaimed indie-rock outfit, Buxter Hoot’n. After 5 years on the road with Buxter, the Trash began to emerge.

It was the West Coast reunion with Zu Zu’s Petals bandmate, childhood friend and kindred musical spirit Kevin Alan Walters, that most definitively created what is now Brand New Trash. On Walters’ arrival to the West Coast, the three immediately started playing music again. Songs and ideas naturally followed, soon spawning the bands self-titled debut album set for release in September. Vince explains: “Brand New Trash is about creating raw art. Part of the reason we have so much fun is because everyone brings something completely different to the table. It’s not like a traditional rock band where the focus and ideas are mainly musical. We are going for a more cinematic expression of a song. We are playing with a group of people who believe in the trash as a way of life.” Soon after the conception of Brand New Trash, close friend and Los Angeles native, Ebony Towner was added to the mix, who’s stark naturalistic textures on multiple instruments, bring a rainbow of sound to the songs.

“The music allows for chaos but is not centered around it,” Jimmy says, “and with that the songs become more expressive and in many ways more spontaneous. The vision has become more defined so that now we think the music is at it’s most honest and at the same time the most accessible to the listener. We want to keep an intimate living room experience part of the music.” In the studio BNT uses mostly unedited first takes. This organic approach to recording is a central theme in what the band calls Trash Pop. Producer, Charles Gonzalez, is like a 5th member in the studio. “He understands how to capture the trash and has been central in dialing in the right sounds for the upcoming release.”